BUZZ Review: Vybz Kartel gets emotional with Jada Kingdom on ‘Cast Iron Heart’

Dancehall’s undisputed king Vybz Kartel is wearing all his emotions on his sleeve in the just-released To Tanseha EP, and borrowing on rising female singjay Jada Kingdom, the two go back-and-forth on the single Cast Iron Heart.

The single, hinted at by Jada Kingdom on Twitter earlier this week, is arguably the most emotional I’ve seen Kartel in a long time, which may be confirming rumours that he and wife Tanesha, aka ‘Shorty’ have split for the last time.

Ode ‘To Tanesha’, the latest body of work from Dancehall heavyweight Vybz Kartel (Photo:

Kingdom adds to the weight of the love lost, asking to be let go as she isn’t head-over-heels anymore, either.

“Bwoy lef me alone, let me go. I don’t want nobody, so keep yuh heart mi nuh want it,”

— Jada Kingdom in ‘Cast Iron Heart’

The self-proclaimed ‘Worl’ Boss’ is seemingly on an emotional roller coaster, even though, Kartel has women swooning from the vestiges of prison.

Give Tanesha a break, Adidjah!

Loyalty shouldn’t be one-sided, especially when a whole family with children is involved.

“Know yuh neva ask for it. No, yuh neva tell mi fi love you. See yuh fi di last time, you got a heart made of cast iron,” Kartel bemoans on the track.

Okay, I get it. She decided enough was enough and left. But suddenly YOU’RE the victim, ‘Addi’?

What about her, wasn’t Tanesha lonely? Didn’t you think your incarceration affected her, too?

Forgive me if I can’t see past the hypocrisy…anyway, back to the song.

I honestly like Cast Iron Heart, self-victimisation aside. The single is (and I can’t stress this enough as a Kartel fan) clean, beat on point and lyrics are rich in the Jamaican nuance of man/woman relationships.

The saying goes ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’, and for many years, in the heights and the lows of your career, Shorty was by your side.

It is my humble opinion, as a fan, that you allow her the same respect to move on whichever way she deems fit.

Check out Cast Iron Heart below, BUZZ fam: