BUZZ wrap! The most-talked about people in 2020

2020 was nothing if not eventful and interesting. A series of small earthquakes plus months- long rains and flooding now seem small compared to a global pandemic which led to the shutdown of almost every industry as the world paused for the coronavirus.

In the midst of it all, we had regional elections, and THE election and people fighting for their rights to party and go to the beach even in the midst of curfews, quarantines and the pandemic.

While formal entertainment may have been stalled, the year was not without its fair share of drama dominating social media and many artistes, politicians and social media personalities had the good, bad and indifferent about themselves uploaded, downloaded and discussed in every imaginable corner.

The following is a short list of individuals, in no particular order, whose ears rang throughout the years as their stories made the rounds.

1. Amari: And just like that she extended her15 minutes of fame into a half hour with a catchy, if annoying tune, Neko.

2. Shenseea: She lost her mother but at least she found something to smile about with the continued growth of her businesses, music and product endorsements.

Dancehall artiste Shenseea

3. Spice: It was a mixed year for the ‘queen of dancehall’ as she launched her clothing line, bought a home but had to battle nasty rumours every step of the way.

4. Lisa Hanna: She retained her seat as Member of Parliament but lost her party presidential bid to Mark Golding, but something tells us she’s not done.

5. Krystal Tomlinson: From deflecting rumours about the state of her relationship to penning a highly controversial letter to the then party president, her name was stayed making headlines.

Media personality and politician Krystal Tomlinson

6. D’Angel: She discovered ‘OnlyFans’ and her fans discovered where her birthmark was.

7. Koffee: A year that began with a Grammy and capped with endorsement deals from MasterCard and Jordan is quite impressive.

8. Dexta Daps: He was much-sought after both by the female fans and the police but he still ended the year on a high note. Call me!

Dexta Daps

9.  Usain Bolt: First he welcomed a daughter and then he got the unwelcomed news that he had COVID-19, yikes!

10. Beenie Man: His Verzuz battle was epic and so too were the ensuing memes and discussions about his stomach.

11. Buju:  People love the ‘Gargamel’ but they were a little confused about his message of them being sheep to the government’s ‘plandemic’ and that they should not wear mask. But he got a Grammy nomination so…there’s that.