#CancelShebada: Actor loses followers after insensitive comments about beaten teen

He prides himself on being a comedian, but people found nothing funny about Shebada’s criticism of hospitalised teenager Kaylan Dowdie.

Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay

The actor, whose real name is Keith Ramsay, took to his Instagram account on Friday night to air his views on the incident involving the 17-year-old, which left her with broken, swollen and beaten body parts after she was allegedly attacked by a group of women at a party.


According to Shebada, Dowdie “deserved” to be beaten by the women.

“Yuh see the war a go get heated, nothing nuh wrong if yuh run, you can run,” he said. “Mek people chat yuh inna di morning seh yuh run from war… Any pickney weh waan play big woman life, treat dem like big woman… Six gyal beat yuh, mi nah tell nuh lie, yuh deserve it.”

People lashed out at the personality during the Live and described his comments as ill-timed, insensitive and distasteful. Shebada said he will not be changing his narrative and added that he wasn’t showing favour to the alleged attackers.

“I was not defending the six girls… I’m speaking on a wide spectrum,” he said. “Everybody a go lick out ‘gainst the six with the two. Don’t trouble trouble until trouble trouble you. Mi nah look pon one side, mi a look pon every side. I can say it is wrong for six girls to gang two girls. Now, it is okay for the two girls to stab up one a dem and put dem under saline and drip. It is OK for di two girls to cripple one a dem because dem woulda get weh wid murder. But because they are not physically fit, they fail in the gauntlet.”

He added: “Let us talk about the carelessness weh happen that caused this situation fi happen… She in a coma, at least she nuh dead. The argument done, she learn har lesson. Maybe when she recover fully she go inna di church.”


Kaylan Dowdie is currently in hospital battling for life.

Videos surfacing on social media on Saturday show Dowdie awake and responsive.

Shebada’s comments have resulted in many people hitting ‘unfollow’ and reporting his page. His follower count was reportedly 191,000 on Friday night. It was 187,000 Saturday morning and has since decreased by 1,000.

Social media users are voicing their disgust.

“Him get cancelled in my book,” said one person. “I unfollowed during his live. Disappointing.”

“#CancelShebadaFOREVAAAA,” another added.

“He is very toxic and enough is enough. Report him #cancelshebada.”

“He had 191k, it jus a guh dung.”

“Smh i think he should apologize it was very insensitive of him to say.”

“If him keep any show me personally gonna go there and protest!!! BOYCOTT SHEBADA!”

“Him do it fi get publicity now it a backfire anyways justiceforkaylan that we fi focus on now.”

“Me??? Disappointed bad, like nobody young child deserve dat smh.”