Cappin’: Diddy says he woke up with 15 roaches on his face

Hip Hop mogul Diddy has a great ‘rag to riches’ story, and on Tuesday (July 6) he decided to use it to inspire his more than 18 million Instagram followers.

“You can be whoever you want,” he stated in a video of him eating fruits in his beautiful backyard. “You can be eating mango too, with the ocean as your backyard. I ain’t special. I just want it bad.” He says while biting into the juicy mango. “I will not allow myself to not have mango.” He says while taking a bigger bite of the fruit.

He added; “I hustle hard.”

“Don’t allow yourself to not have mangos and the ocean as your backyard!” he said before jumping off into the ocean.

But while people may have watched the video and imagined themselves eating mangoes with the ocean as their backyard too, his caption for the video kinda turned them off.

“One day when I was growing up, I woke up and there was 15 roaches on my face. At that moment I said hell no, I refuse to live like this. Work hard, believe in your crazy dreams… AND NEVER SETTLE! #LOVE 🖤,” he wrote.

People had a hard time believing that Diddy really woke up with 15 roaches on his face, and felt his story would have been just as impactful without that little bit of embellishment.

As usual, they took their views to Twitter.

What do you make of Diddy’s story BUZZ Fam?