Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion to drop ‘WAP’ on Friday

After months of speculation, Cardi B has finally confirmed that she is teaming up with the resident ‘Hot Girl’ Megan Thee Stallion on a track dubbed WAP to be released Friday. The Money rapper broke the news on her Instagram page on Monday, the same day she vowed to make an announcement to her more than 70 million fans.

The artwork for the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion ‘WAP’ collaboration.

The news was also shared by Stallion, who could use a conversation shift from the July shooting incident involving  rapper Tory Lanez which has dominated headlines about her for weeks.

For Cardi B’s ‘Bardi Gang’, the moment is joyous as it will mark the end of a dry spell as the rapper’s last release was in 2019. The entertainer has been trolled on social media all quarantine for staying at home and posting her meals instead of making new music, but she recently assured fans that she is working on her sophomore album, which may just include this upcoming feature if the track fares well.

The Cardi B track will end a dry spell for the rapper who hasn’t released a track since 2019.

The song is also expected to reignite Cardi’s buzz on the female rap scene, as 2020 has seen Stallion receive her first Billboard Hot 100 number one with the Savage remix featuring Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj earning her first number one on the same chart as part of Doja Cat’s Same So remix.

Though WAP stands as a street term for ‘with a passion’, there’s no telling what these two rap bosses have cooked up on the single. The artwork is enough to set countdown timers, with both women sporting similar hairstyles, matching hoop earrings with ‘WAP’ engraved, and there’s also some elaborate, twinning tongue action.

Limited vinyl packages will also be available this week, which will be signed by the ‘Okurrr’ Queen herself.