Cardi B doesn’t like the clean version of WAP

Cardi B (Photo:

If it was up to rapper Cardi B, she would not have made a clean version for her very raunchy hit single WAP. Truth is, she doesn’t even like it. She doesn’t like any of the clean versions of any of her songs.

She wrote on Twitter: “It be so annoying doing clean versions of my songs.”

And while discussing the radio-friendly version of WAP, she vehemently expressed her dislike for it. “Trust me I hate it soooooo much (sic)”

Cardi previously insisted she doesn’t think there’s anything unusual about ‘WAP’.

The rapper explained that while some people consider the song to be “strange and vulgar”, she actually believes it to be “normal”.

She said last year: “The people that the song bothers are usually conservatives or really religious people, but my thing is I grew up listening to this type of music.

“Other people might think it’s strange and vulgar, but to me it’s almost like really normal, you know what I’m saying?”