Cardi B returns with sex-driven ‘Up’: Watch

Good to her word, Cardi B made sure everyone’s day was looking Up with the release of her latest single.

Cardi B (Photo:

What’s sure to be another hit, the Bronx rapper takes listeners for a spin in her “Bentley Bentayga” in a slew of NSFW lyrics and anecdotes.

It’s not what some would call a ‘humble brag’, in fact it’s anything but as the Invasion of Privacy star raps:

Once upon a time, man, I heard that I was ugly
Came from a b**ch who nigga wanna f**k on me
I said my face bomb, a** tight
Racks stack up Shaq height
Jewellery on me, flashlight
I been lit since last night

It’s the artiste’s first single since her summer smash with Megan Thee Stallion, WAP, which went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The single’s release was accompanied by a music video which has already racked up almost three million views since its midnight release.

Check out the track and visuals below: