Cardi B says her music isn’t made for TikTok clout

Cardi B (Photo:

With many artistes seemingly making music that will go viral on TikTok and, invariably, boost their streams, Cardi B wants everyone to know she’s not one of them.

The Clout artiste took to Instagram to address the claims yesterday, stating “Dont try to play me like I just started this shit cause of tiktok .My last 4 videos I gave choreography & at award shows as well. Please me , press ,wap & up was my last videos.EAT IT UP !”

She also said that the TikTok challenge for her Billboard No. 1 WAP had nothing to do with her, or her team, and that she couldn’t even do the dance.

“It wasn’t me who started the wap challenge.I didn’t even knew how to the dance that’s why I never did the challenge in the first place,” she tweeted. “How ya mad that these female rappers songs becoming tiktok challenges because people genuinely wants to dance to it.”

The Bronx rapper also took time to hit back at accusations that she ‘forced’ challenges on people.

“I never forced a challenge. I never offer MONEY or prices for no challenge .I never even posted hey guys do a challenge for my song .People do it cause they want to sooo miss me wit that shit .I pay ya to show me when I told some1 “ hey do a challenge for my song, “ Cardi said.

The rapper recently released her first single, Up, in months which has already garnered significant traffic online.