Caribbean Twitter users gush about their favourite things from other islands

We’re not crying, BUZZ fam, you are.

After a very stressful night engaged in a legendary, troll-level war of words, Caribbean Twitter users have shown their beautiful, unified side on Tuesday (July 28).

The trend, started by Anguillan @islandpapi_, asked the Caribbean Twitterati to state something good about an island that isn’t home and the glowing reviews flowed in almost instantly.

Aww…BUZZ fam! Can we make this a weekly thing, please?

Reading these Caribbean testimonials is another reminder than our collective beauty and unity is definitely something to celebrate.

Nearly every country and territory, from the northernmost tip of The Bahamas to southern Guyana, was washed with love as Twitter users remembered their fondest moments, visits and unforgettable experiences.

Here are some of the most heart-warming tweets of Caribbean love:

Vincy massive! We see and appreciate you

🙌🏿Sa passé, Ayiti?

¡Viva la Cuba!

With love, BIM…🌹

Wi luv yuh, Jamrock💖

🥺Sweeter than you, we’ll never find, Sugar City

Spice capital of the world, and our hearts❤🥰

🎶Land of beaches, hills and valleys, Fairest isle of all the earth🎶

Which other region has the reach, the RANGE??!?

Fair Antigua, we salute thee😭

Dominica, our beautiful nature isle…*blushes unabashedly*

In this Caribbean house, we lift up ALL our sister islands!!

We want to hear from you too, BUZZ fam! Tell us something good about an island that’s not yours.