Carlton Brown continues to make strides in fashion

Usain Bolt in a Carlton Brown-designed piece, as he celebrates Jamaica’s Independence Day. (Photo: Instagram @usainbolt)

Although he is well-known in the Jamaican fashion industry, Carlton Brown continues to make waves with intricate designs that have caught the attention of many celebrated Jamaicans.

Designer Carlton Brown (Photo: Twitter @carltontttbrown )

At Reggae Sumfest in July, at least five entertainers could be singled out for wearing his pieces. Some of the acts who wore his designs at the show that was held at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay were Govana, Munga Honourable, Romain Virgo, Beenie Man and Buju Banton.

On top of that, athletic star Usain Bolt paid tribute to the land of his birth on Independence Day (August 6) by stepping out in a well-designed tunic integrated with the national colours of Jamaica.

Buju Banton was dapper in this suit that was designed by Carlton Brown.

Brown, who is a judge on Jamaican reality TV series Mission Catwalk, is known for his free-range use of different fabrics, colours and tones, and he seems to redefine how men should dress in whatever setting they choose. He is, however, getting increased attention for his men’s shirts that continue to push the envelope of his creativeness.