Ce’cile says everyone is a suspect in Jasmine Dean disappearance case

The disappearance of Jasmine Dean, a visually-impaired University of the West Indies student, is not lost upon celebrities like Ce’cile.

Missing UWI student Jasmine Dean

The singer/producer has been relentless in using her platform to ensure Dean’s name and case aren’t forgotten.

The first-year student was last seen in the Papine, St Andrew, on February 27. While two suspects have been charged since her disappearance, she is yet to be found, which inspired Ce’cile’s latest Instagram TV post. 

“Right now how I see it, everybody is a suspect, mi haffi pree everybody.”

– Ce’Cile

“I was scrolling through Instagram and I realised that they still hadn’t found Jasmine Dean and mi really a look pan it and a seh to myself seh can you imagine that at any point in time, any one of us is walking around, beside horrible people?” Ce’cile said. “Standing beside, sitting beside, talking to, probably in relationship with…because somebody took her and mi nuh think a one person do every thing. Some other people know wah happen and the fact that it’s being circulated so widely in my opinion on social media and really, nobody nuh seh nothing?”

She described the reality as a “scary thought” and is placing everyone under the microscope.

“Right now how I see it, everybody is a suspect, mi haffi pree everybody,” she declared. “Where is Jasmine Dean? Like where is she? Why aren’t you talking? You, whoever know, whoever nah seh nothing because of whatever. You are a terrible person, a horrible individual just like whomever did actually whatever. And I hope she is found but a long time now dawg, it’s really sad.”

If you have any information on Dean’s whereabouts, contact the nearest police station.