Cedella Marley to release new book in September

Forty years after reggae icon Bob Marley released his classic hit Redemption Song, his daughter is to release a book with a similar title.

Cedella Marley made the announcement on her Instagram page on Sunday (June 21) noting that Redemption: Reflections on Creating a Better World would be available come September 2020.

Cedella Marley will release her book Redemption: Reflections on Creating a Better World in September. (Photo: time.com)

According to the Marley, the message of her father’s song still holds true today and she is hoping to share some of that wisdom in the new book.

“One of the biggest lessons Daddy taught me is that even in the most difficult circumstances, change is possible,” said Marley.

“These last few months, I have found myself turning to his wisdom more than ever,” added Marley.

Redemption: Reflections on Creating a Better World is currently available for pre-order via the publisher Quirk Books.

Redemption Song was the final track on Bob Marley and the Wailers’ twelfth album, Uprising.

Key lyrics in the song mirror a speech given by National Hero Marcus Garvey entitled The Work That Has Been Done.

The song is considered to be one of Marley’s greatest works.