Celebrations start early for D’Angel’s April 1 birthday

Dancehall artiste D’Angel

Entertainer, D’Angel, has recorded her first-ever acoustic show in celebration of her birthday, which is on Thursday, April 1. The singjay’s show is now available on her MAD Youtube channel.

“Mi have mi acoustic performance over there where I performed a couple of y’all’s favs from me acoustic style, unno need fi check it out fi believe,” she said in an Instagram post. “Whole heap a tings a gwaan cause it’s my birthday coming up so I have to be doing something different for you all.”

The production was in partnership with performance company Ashe, in which Angel appears in an elegant white dress, no doubt a toast to her moniker. She starts with her 2005 breakout hit Uptown Living and follows with Stronger.

“When I did this song in 2008, I was going through the worst time of my career but I never realised that so many women all across the world were actually going through the same fate,” she said. “Every time I sing this song I actually get teary eyes because it’s like my real life story. It’s a journey that sometimes I, too, need this song for healing.” She added.

She sat during the performance, which she interpolated with the No Worries, a collaboration with Spice, and left bits of gems as she sang.

Singing for someone

“I know I’m singing for someone right now… Your name has been slandered, you’ve been pushed under the rug, you’ve been told you’re never gonna make it… I’m telling you right now lift up your head, hold your head up high and step out and mek dem know seh, ‘A nuh me yaa talk, I’m better than that. I’m stronger than that’.”

The mood of the performance changes with her latest release, Gud Gyal, where she gets up and dances, an energy that continues with her final song, One Man. She recorded the latter with her ex-husband Beenie Man 14 years ago, and even drops lines from his Heart Attack single during the performance.

As for her birthday celebration tomorrow, D’Angel revealed that she will be getting dolled up and going Live to interact with her fans. She usually has a birthday party on the roof of her home every year and cuts the cake with her son Marco-Dean.