CES 2020 Roundup: Cool Tech showcases

CES 2020 is all but over. The Consumer Electronics Show highlights the best in concepts and consumer-ready products. As the curtains close on what was an eventful show, we’ll look at some of the more exciting technologies at the show.

Samsung Sero. (Photo: CNET)

All the screens

It was a war of the displays at CES this year. Samsung, LG and Sony, among others, went head to head with massive screens. 8K TVs were the talk of the show with LG introducing eight, 65 and 77-inch, 8K TVs with an eye-watering number of pixels. All the new displays feature their new a9 Gen 3 processors. Also, LG brought its flexible OLED TVs that disappear when not in use.

LG Unveiled its new 8K TVs with HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support

Samsung brought its 8K QLED technology and displayed a TV with virtually no bezels. Also, Samsung revealed its upcoming Sero TVs that rotate to show vertical or horizontal content.

Digital Assistants, Robots and AI

Samsung showcased a moving, round, personal care robot called Ballie. It’s a ball that follows you around and connects to other Samsung smart devices. It can identify people and pets and communicate with smart devices to get things done.

Samsung Ballie. (Photo: Samsung)

Samsung’s Project NEON showcased some “Artificial Humans” at CES 2020. The uncanny looking, computer-generated, avatars appeared on screens. They were designed to interact with humans.

Samsung NEON. (Photo: BGR)


Everyone was expecting Sony to reveal more details on the upcoming PS5 (all we got was the name and logo). However, Sony dropped a bomb and showed an electric car instead.

Sony Vision S. (Photo: Sony)

The Sony Vision S is a modern four-seater sedan. Inside the Vision, S comes with 360 reality audio and a panoramic screen on the dash.

Mercedes also showcased a seriously futuristic car. Check that out on the site.

Motion Pillow

Hate snoring? Well, your family and friends do too. The Motion Pillow promises to help eliminate snoring by inflating internal airbags that shift your head to a better position, so you don’t keep your family awake.

Stop snoring with the Motion Pillow. (Photo: Motion Pillow)

The Motion Pillow figures out the right sleeping posture for your head, senses snoring and adjusts to keep you breathing right, not shaking the house down.


Lenovo, Dell and TCL all unveiled foldable tech at C.E.S. Dell showcased a foldable laptop and a dual-screen laptop, Lenovo showed a foldable laptop, and TCL unveiled a foldable phone.

Dell foldable laptop/tablet. (Photo: CNET)


Tired of labouring day and night brushing your teeth? Y-Brush has the solution. The Y-Brush promises to cleanse your teeth in just 10 seconds properly. The Y-Brush is an electronic, auto-cleaning toothbrush with an odd shape. It looks like a dentist mould.

10-second brushing. (Photo: Y-Brush)

The form comes in handy though as the carefully aligned bristles cover your upper or lower teeth. Then, it simultaneously cleans teeth in 10 seconds using a sonic vibrating motor. The best part is that you can buy this product right now. A solo kit costs US$125.*

Other noteworthy tech items:

Bosch Virtual Visor. (Photo: Bosch)
  • Bosch Virtual Visor – Transparent screen and camera that work together to shield eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Vizio OLED – Vizio is entering the OLED TV ring
  • Dell Alienware Concept UFO – Handheld PC game console
Dell Alienware Concept UFO

By no means is this a comprehensive list of tech. The list above represents a small set of intriguing tech items. Check out our other CES related articles for more information.