Cham drops uplifting track We Survived

Dancehall artiste Cham is talking about rising above his circumstances with his latest track “We Survived”.

The track looks at his past challenges and the success he has now attained through his rise in music. The track is produced by Coppershot and persons are already calling it a hit.

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The song takes on an autobiographical look and has some similarities to his 2006 hit Ghetto Story where he also chronicled a life of someone trying to rise above difficult circumstances.

The song has been praised so far for its flow, which is expected from the lyrically-versed dancehall veteran. The video has stunning visuals and expertly narrates Cham’s message of overcoming.

With its catchy tagline: “We survive, tell them we survive,a just the blessings of God, a that a keep we alive”, Cham looks set to have another inspirational hit on hand.

We like the song and it brings a good vibe and we know it can encourage others to rise above any challenging circumstances you may find yourself in.

Enjoy the vibe from Cham for the weekend BUZZ fam.