Cham slams gov’t for showing love to tourism interests while others left in the cold

Following news that the government has reopened the borders to allow for flights from the United Kingdom (UK), dancehall artiste Cham has taken issue with the move.

The ‘Ghetto Story’ artiste took to social media where he vented about the preferential treatment being meted out to tourism interests while others such as entertainers, promoters and others are being prohibited from engaging in certain income -earning activities due to continued COVID-19 restrictions.

“Tourism Board and the hotels/resorts cried that their business is dying, so the government is opening the country for them on May 1st to save their pockets!!” he wrote on his Instagram just prior to the ban coming to an end.

 “Promoters, DJs, entertainers, corner shops and the people of the country have been crying (to deaf years) that they too are dying- but the government has imposed stricter ‘Lock Down’ on them,” he added. 

He closed his broadside by posing a few questions to the political directorate which included,  who are you working for, who put you on power and will you police the hotels and tourist the same as you police the people. 

Following the post, the comments have been pouring in with most agreeing that they saw a double standard with the move.

One person wrote, “Unfair bad and it is not even funny. The government is not for the people who risk their life during election and put dem on power…set of dictators”.

“Nothing will change until these sheep realize that we the people have all the power not the politicians.. it’s time to come together an wise up an stop from being a color slave,” added another.

Cham is among a growing trend of artiste and entertainers that have been vocal in the opposition to the restrictions and curfews that has crippled the entertainment industry locally.

Buju Banton, Spragga Benz and Tanya Stephens are others that have called out the authorities on what they seem as oppressive moves to curtail the coronavirus.