Charly Black responds to accusations he bought views for ‘Sidung’

Dancehall artiste, Charly Black

Dancehall artiste Charly Black is refuting claims that he bought views for his latest single, Sidung. The song has accumulated more than 14 million views on YouTube since its release three weeks ago and fans have expressed their skepticism that the views are legitimate.

Enjoying the success of the single, Black has been posting regular updates on his Instagram account as the views continue to rise.

He has been receiving many congratulations from most of his fans, but not everyone was convinced. “Him buy views are you people blind. Bro people can buy views and subscribers on YouTube if your no know that something wrong with you,” one person commented.

“Charly no get a million views in 2 year with multiple videos  and audios and this song trend 48 on YouTube for 5 days a drop off …if views did real the song would get more likes and it would be number one on trending as we speak,”

Charly Black was quick to respond to this negative comment and even found humour in it too. “Breda a people like him run up the views so let them talk all they want. I’ve never done that s**t in my entire career and I rather go back to being a dj before I buy views,” he posted with laughing emojis.