Charly Black to release song called ‘Lisa Hanna’

We don’t know if it is just mere coincidence, but Charly Black will be releasing a song called Lisa Hanna while the politician is campaigning to become president of the People’s National Party (PNP).

Politician Lisa Hanna

On Monday, the Gyal Yuh A Party Animal deejay said that his new track will be released this Friday.

But he hinted at something involving Lisa Hanna a week ago when he posted a picture of him and a smiling female.

“L I S A H A N N A….your so intelligent and to me that’s sexy personality so different and you brain nuh stop a Netflix #lisahanna #teamunstoppable🤞🏿 #charlyblack,” he said in the caption.

At the time, however, many people were a little confused about the caption and the picture.

“Caption vs pic. What does one have to do with the other? Asking for a friend,” one person said.

“That is not Lisa Hanna😂…let me go get the right Lisa Hanna for you😂…Big up CHARLYYYYYYY,” another person said.

Entertainer Charly Black

Despite the questions and confusion, Charly has not said what the song is about.

Meanwhile, Lisa Hanna is busy campaigning ahead of the November 7 election in which she will go up against Mark Golding.