That was quick: Fans question views on Charly Black’s ‘Sidung’

Dancehall artiste, Charly Black

Have you seen Charly Black’s music video for Sidung? If not, then you’re apparently missing out, as the video, released three weeks ago has already amassed 14 million views.

Shot in some hills somewhere; the video features scantily dressed women, grinding on the ground, grinding on Charly Black, grinding in water, and on other men. Charly Black in the meantime is singing about his sexual prowess and commands women to ‘sidung’ on his male organ.

There is no denying that the Trelawney native is a talented artiste. He attained international recognition with his 2015 hit Party Animal, had a recent collab with international artiste, Neyo, and boasts a wide fan base in Latin America. The song, Sidung brings the party vibes that we appreciate from Charly Black.

But its the views on the less than remarkable video that has some fans questioning whether or not the One In A Million artiste spent some of the ‘green cabbage’ to get them.

Although he has a lot of international fans, many are left wondering how such a record-breaking song didn’t even create a stir in Jamaica.

@charlytrelawnyblack I know you buy views for that song I’m not stupid like these people,” one person commented on Charly Black Instagram account, after he posted a clip of the video boasting about the views.

And with so many views, there were those who were curious as to how it didn’t even trend in Jamaica.

“With so many views in 2 weeks why this not on trending,”

“So how this not trending at #1 🤔 tell them stop play with yuh,” another commented.

“12M” in 2weeks where the bloggers at 🤯🤯🤯,” somebody else wanted to know.

Charly Black has not responded to these allegations but is busy promoting his video and enjoying its quick success.