Chet Hanks and his ‘Jamaican accent’ at the Golden Globes confuses Twitter

A screengrab from Chet Hanks’ bizarre patois rant at the red carpet of the Golden Globes on Sunday (Photo: Instagram)

Chet Hanks may be doing much better with sobriety, but the son of legendary American actor Tom Hanks has many persons wondering what prompted his bizarre speech the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards show in Los Angeles on Sunday.

It was obvious that the Empire heartthrob was excited his father was about to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award, but Chet’s Instagram red-carpet post, where he spoke in some variation of Jamaican patois, has social media collectively scratching its head.

“Big up di whole island massive! It’s ya boy Chet coming straight from da Golden Globe awards, zeen? Fi mi fada Tom Hanks presenting an award soon forward come. Big up!” he said.

Watch the clip below, BUZZ fam:

While the video was seemingly done in jest for Chet’s 74,000 followers, other social media users weren’t amused and questioned why he needed to speak in patois at all.

The 29-year-old American was in on the joke as well, sharing clippings from articles in major US publications on Instagram after the awards show.