Chet Hanks shoots his shot at ‘bad gyal Adele’

What in 2020 is going on, BUZZ fam?!??

British pop star Adele continues to be a trending topic on the internet, and unofficial American yaadie, Chet Hanks is among those who like what they see.

Hanks, in a video on Instagram on Tuesday (September 1), gushed over Adele’s Sunday outfit commemorating what would have been the 55th staging of the Notting Hill Carnival, adding that she looked great and she should hit him up in his DMs.

The video starts with the 30-year-old Chet vibing to Adele’s smash hit Set Fire To The Rain, after which he began his attempt to woo her in a butchered Jamaican accent.

“Adele, Adele! Yuh nuh see mah pree yuh from long time but afta mi see yuh picture from wah day? Mhmm, it sweet me,” Chet asserted.

“Mi nah tell nuh lie, my girl, di hairstyle fit yuh. Big up yuhself,” he added, as the Grammy Award winning-song continued to blare.

Hanks mouthed the words ‘Hit me in my DMs’ and offered a wink to the camera.

Check the video out below:

Adele, who turned many virtual heads on social media, donned a highly ‘Jamaican-esque’ outfit, complemented by Bantu knots, leggings and extravagant carnival feathers—and met with polarising reactions.

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