Chinnaman Waistline Gad talks new music, his infectious dance moves and future in dancehall

Chinnaman ‘Waistline Gad’

Some call him ‘Chinnaman,’ others call him ‘The Waistline Gad’ but what we can all agree to, is that he is currently Jamaica’s most sensational male dancer. Interestingly, his emergence in the spotlight comes at a time when the dancehall has been on lockdown for quite some time. Nonetheless, the 24-year-old who hails from the community of Drewsland in Kingston Jamaica is taking dancing to a place only a few would dare to venture within the dancehall space. 

Chinnaman’s gimmicky facial expressions, belly, and waistline movements that oscillate like a standing fan has made him into a viral sensation and a sexual tease. BUZZ caught up with him to settle the score. Is he better than Marvin the Beast?  The witty Chinnaman responded, “Mi nuh know anybody by that name, Mi nuh know him.” 

Don’t take our word for it, there’s a whole video to show. We’ve got the ‘snips’ from a saucy interview with the ‘Waistline Gad’.

BUZZ: A lot of persons know about Chinnaman the dancer, But who is the real Chinnaman? 

Chinnaman: My actual name is Hakeem Hylton. I am 24, born May 11, 1997. Fi primary school I went to Drews Avenue Primary School, left from Drewsland and guh Maverley Primary and Junior High, then lef and guh St Andrew College.

BUZZ: Do you have any kids?

Chinnaman: Well, I have a baby mother, my son is on the way! Well, it can be a son or a daughter but is a son mi wah still (laughing). Anything God give mi, mi a guh be grateful. 

Chinnaman claims to not know who Marvin Beast is

BUZZ: Is there any dancer that you look up to, or you think paved the way for you? 

Chinnaman: Yea, big up Shelly Belly, big up Gabbidon, big up Energy and MonsterBoss!

BUZZ: A lot of persons compare you to Marvin The Beast, do you see the similarities, is he someone you look up to?

Chinnaman: Mi don’t know who name suh? Who name suh? Mi don’t know who name suh fi true, honestly mi don’t know him!

BUZZ: People believe that you dance feminine, what’s your response to people of this view?

Chinnaman: Its whatever! Like mi a do me, mi a do something that mi love, mi know weh mi a do, I don’t know weh a next bwoy a do.

BUZZ: You have been seen in Laalee’s music video or on his IG live, do you plan to do a collaboration with him soon? 

Chinnaman: Definitely! Yuh fi memba ennuh, right now, the pandemic and how the world a run, people just wah enjoy themselves, if Laalee ago give them those songs, and me find myself a do the same thing, why not? Big up Laalee!

BUZZ: You have been getting bookings to appear and dance, have you gotten any for your musical performance?

Chinnaman is currently promoting his song ‘Wah Kinda Man Dis’

Chinnaman: No, is my first song so nothing yet. Just look out for my new song weh ago drop soon, ‘Waistline Bounce’ and ‘Run Dung and Jook’. Working on a lot more music.

BUZZ: Have you ever gotten any bookings or request for any private dance or sexual sessions.

Chinnaman: No (laughs). I only get book for events. 

Chinnaman is confident that he will become a household name in Jamaica and quickly rejects the view that he will be another 7-day wonder on social media.  His spunky and energetic personality makes him a blueprint for stardom and BUZZ will definitely keep our eyes on his career development. 

Check out more of his interview below