Chozenn serves agape love on ‘You’re Amazing’

Gospel artiste Chozenn

A birthday celebrant issuing gifts on his special day is a rarity, but gospel artiste Chozenn gifted God with a melodious ode of gratitude and exaltation on his birthday last month. The single, titled You’re Amazing, is igniting celebrations in and beyond Jamaica, as people join in on the party of praise.

“My God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

— Chozenn

“The feedback has been tremendous; it’s gaining some international traction (and is) heavily percolating in East and West Africa, UK, USA and most definitely the love real in the Caribbean,” Chozenn told BUZZ. “From my heart, it’s just my vertical worship to my Abba (Father), the global impact so far is all God. I’m just being His son and an obedient vessel.”

Birthday vibes

You’re Amazing was produced by Trinidadian Arnold Grant, and accompanies a fun-spirited music video which is equally celebratory in birthday vibes and agape love.

The song’s timing is backgrounded by a relentless pandemic, which continues to affect millions of people worldwide. Despite the uncertainty that pervades, Chozenn said he has “a post-COVID mindset and posture, I raised my faith, and I’ll never ever move by sight.”

He added: “As we journey through this life, there are so many events, incidents and moments we encounter that often leave us speechless, puzzled or even devastated. We have to intentionally move away from the noise of everyday life and tap into the realm of God to tangibly experience His love for us. Despite our flaws and errors, the love of God is so unconditional and unprejudiced.”

God’s love

As he reveals in the song’s second verse, he hasn’t always practised unwavering faith and patience but said he counteracts this with God’s love.

“I often feel as though I’m going against the tides of life on an upstream trek, but as I interact with and embrace the offering of my Abba’s love, the strength I need appears and I am refuelled with all that I need to continue on this divine journey.”

Chozenn says the feedback to You’re Amazing has been good.

Navigating promotion with the social restrictions of a pandemic has seen more artistes relying on social media and streaming platforms, which Chozenn can particularly attest to as an independent artiste.

“It’s 2020 and music, sports, in fact, our overall lifestyle has changed drastically due to COVID-19,” he said. “The net is also the new radio, but most definitely, one thing for sure, my God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I’m a marketer professionally yes, but brutal honesty, I don’t mix both. I release my songs and just watch God move. I don’t beg for interviews, I just do my little press releases, I sow positive seeds and trust God. He’s moving mightily as we speak.”