Chris Brown and Drake accused of copyright infringement

Drake and Chris Brown have been accused of copyright infringement

The grapevines have been buzzing since news broke earlier this week that international stars, Chris Brown and Drake have been named in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Now, it’s too early to tell if anything will come of this latest court case but BUZZ fam, keep your ears open!

According to several international media reports, Drake and Brown are being brought up on the allegations for their highly successive collaboration, No Guidance. They are being sued by singer, Brandon Cooped and producer Timothy ‘Drum’n Skillz’ Valentine, who are arguing that No Guidance borrows from their single, I Love Your Dress.

The press says Cooper and Valentine told the court they released I Love Your Dress in 2016, three years before No Guidance hit the charts in June of 2019 and that after careful analysation, they have concluded that the beat, hook, lyrics and structure of Drake and Brown’s mega-hit bears an uncanny resemblance to their track. The duo said that their track includes a sequence of the lyrics ‘She got it; she got it’ 16 times, while No Guidance has the lyrics ‘You got it, girl; you got it’ 11 times and that Drake and Brown and indirectly referred to Cooper in their track with the lyric ‘Flew the coop.’

Neither Brown nor Drake has publicly addressed the claims but fans have been flooding the comment section under the song’s official music video, scoffing at Cooper and Valentine’s copyright infringement claims. One user commented that the I Love Your Dress track sounded like something a child would write.

“I doubt that Chris brown or drake even heard “I love your dress” like the song sounded like a kid made it,” Pebbles Life commented. “This sounds so much better than “I love your dress,” user Julia Evans also commented.

The collaboration between the musical powerhouses who were once nemesis, spent 15 weeks on the Billboard charts last year and currently has close to 400 million views on YouTube.