Chris Brown says he’s single-ish

Chris Brown

So apparently, Chris Brown is single, but he has a girlfriend. Don’t ask us, we do not know what that means either.

The singer made the puzzling revelation on a new series on REVOLT TV starring Justin Combs and Justin LaBoy where he appeared as the first celebrity guest.

Brown appeared in the first episode which premiered on February 14. This episode was titled, “Toxic Valentine’s Day”.

And trust us, the toxicity was very present. Host, Justin Laboy asked Chris Brown what basically all of us wanted to know, and his response made us wish we didn’t want to know so badly.

“The ladies wanna know, are you single?” Laboy asked Brown. With an endearing grin, Brown replied, “I’m single with a girlfriend.”

Ummm, what????

Of course, Laboy wanted to dig deeper to find out what exactly he meant, but Chris Brown chicken out and decided to take a drink instead of answering the question.