Chris Gayle at the top of music charts in India

Renowned batsman Chris Gayle’s popularity in India isn’t new, however his stardom has taken on a new dimension, after he dropped a collaboration with Indian Rap artiste Emiway Bantai.

 The single Jamaica To India featuring Bantai has been number one on the charts in India for more than a week.

According to Gayle, he was surprised at how effortlessly the collaboration came about noting that it started from shooting Bantai a quick message.

“The collaboration with Emiway came about by me just messaging him and suggesting that we do a track together and straight away he said let’s do it! We recorded our parts separately and met up in Dubai to shoot the video and the synergy was awesome,” Gayle shared.

Gayle added that while he was pleased with the success of the collab, he notes that the song also represents an opportunity to expand the fan base of dancehall into the South Asian market.

“When Dancehall is getting a raw deal worldwide here I am hitting multiple charts in India with one of the most popular Indian artistes, it’s a good look for Jamaican music and I’m glad to be able to be a part of that,” Gayle added.