Chris Gayle hits six with ‘Too Hot Celebrity Remix’

Chris Gayle may not be playing in the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL) but the famed cricketer has knocked his latest venture – music – for six.

Famed cricketer Chris Gayle

The West Indian cricketer features on the Too Hot Celebrity Remix by Stylo G which saw the official video dropping on Friday, June 26.

Gayle, who opted out of playing for the St Lucia Zouks citing personal reasons, spits a good game, talking up his extravagant living and reinforcing that he is the “Universe Boss”.

Showcasing his “millionaire laugh” the batsman is seen partying it up in true celebrity form; alcohol, money, bling and beautiful ladies included. In a couple of NSFW scenes, he is also shown simulating acts in a bedroom that clearly weren’t learned on the cricket pitch.

Gayle says, “Nah stop ah four, mi ah slap dem fi six
Mi nuh waste time check di watch pon mi wrist
Deh pon di road like tyre, ova di worl’ man hot like fire
Mi ah get gyal long before cricket, she book it, nuh miss it, first class ticket
She see mi style an mi neva haffi trick it
Di same night mi haffi bowl out di wicket.

He pays tribute to London (reference to the huge cricket destination, perhaps?) and also shouts-out Kingston city, where he hails, before adding “Mi live good cuz mi income pretty”, which we do not doubt in the least.

His verse ends with a prediction that he will move from “living legend” to “national hero” and I daresay, we salute his bravado.

Viewers of the song seemingly had positive reviews for the would-be artiste with one commenting “I want to be like Chris Gayle when I grow up” and another adding “Christ Gayle must take it [music] up cause it fit him”.

However, our favourite perhaps was the most obvious, “This looks like a 6”, and we’re inclined to agree if swag and sheer nerve are considered.

But, don’t take our word for it BUZZ fam, have a listen and drop your thoughts in the comments: