Chris Tijera and Indie Allen ‘Lose Control’ in new single

Indie Allen (left) Chris Tijera (right)

The Don of the Dominican Republic, Chris Tijera has teamed up with upcoming Jamaican reggae artiste, Indie Allen to drop a new single titled Lose Control– a rhythmic track that combines the sonic bells of Caribbean Reggae with Spanish Reggae.

The single, presented by DJ SYKE45 is the first song of the Yb Records96 /Division DE Yb Entertainment Group INC. upcoming project La Connexion.

The project features a combination of various sounds from Puerto Rico, USA, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Canada, and more to showcase the worldwide unity between Afro beats and music from the Caribbean. 

Lose Control is 90s R&B infused and is an ode to the joy of being in love.

The single is accompanied by a music video that has garnered over one million views over the past month. Overall, Lose Control represents a strong start for the heavily anticipated compilation EP La Connexion set to drop late 2020. 

Reggae artiste, Indie Allen

While fans all over the world await the project, Lose Control is available to be streamed and viewed crazy on all available platforms.