Chris Williams’ “middle class” comments draws ire on social media

Persons have taken to social media to air their views on a statement made by Proven Reit Chairman and CEO of Proven Limited, Chris Williams.

Proven Reit Chairman and CEO of Proven Limited, Chris Williams

Williams, pitching 99 spaces to potential homebuyers through a new real estate offering from Proven – VIA At Braemar – declared that “for all us middle-class people, we are back as the middle class.”

He went on further to say “we are going to put our foot down and ensure we have a stake in our island”. The homes he was referring to are expected to cost at least J$21 million.

But what a lot of Twitter users have reacted to is the business executive likening the estimated monthly mortgage payout of J$130,000.00 to buying coffee. Williams reasoned that the payout would be the equivalent of purchasing a cup of Starbucks coffee every morning for a month.

However, persons were quick to chastise the wealth manager about his perception of what the middle class is. Persons are adamant that a man of his wealth certainly cannot be considered middle class.

Point to note, however, is that Williams has announced that all the two-bedroom units and penthouses were sold within 30 minutes of the launch.