Christopher Martin and babymother Briani to release new song

In a couple of days singer Christopher Martin and Briani, the mother of his son, will release a song called Platinum.

Christopher Martin and Briani, the mother of his son

The track will be released on Thursday, September 24, but it is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

“You already know it’s been a long time coming,” Briani said on Instagram recently.

In the song, Martin sings: “Mi give yuh all a mi savings/ Give yuh mi heart out of mi chest/ Give yuh everything and nuh have nutten left/ Yuh file clean and yuh body blessed.”

Briani responds, saying: “Nah no mileage like yuh get mi from the dealer/ Hardly see mi face pon social media.”

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The female singer, who used to go by the stage name Brittny Newman, has done other songs like What’s Good and Cuffin Season. In announcing her name change recently, she promised new music. Platinum is the first release since.