Chronixx says Koffee is inspiration for his new style

Chronixx has been pigeonholed to reggae revival over the past five years, and his releases since fall 2019 are proof that he’s over it. The singer, who has often rejected the leadership role of the reggae revival movement, has taken off the industry cap and replaced it with pure artistry, a move he said was inspired by Koffee. 

Chronixx says his new sound and approach to his music are inspired by Grammy winner Koffee.

The fellow Spanish Town native has had a meteoric career, from signing to a major international label to winning a Grammy when she was just 19, and she achieved these with genre-defying music.

For background, artistes come in the business with their passion-driven, tear-jerking, artistic ideas, but the music industry also has a long-established modus operandi, prioritising profit instead of art. To get a taste of crossover glory, many acts comply.

“After seeing how she approach her creativity, it was just like a breath of fresh air.”

– Chronixx

Doing it the industry way, Chronixx made his 2017 debut album (Chronology) to fit the aesthetic of this reggae revival sound he was tied to, did the promotional run across The United States and Europe, yet in the end, didn’t get the Grammy award for the best reggae album (Damian Marley won with Stony Hill).

Two years later, Koffee comes along, defies the industry’s obsession with genre classification, and later earns a Grammy and then some. There are, of course, other considerations like the benefits of Koffee’s Columbia label-backing, but the limitless range of her music was enough of a lightbulb to give Chronixx new lens.

Chronixx said the inspiration he gets from Koffee is a “beautiful thing to see”.

“Koffee really made me a more exciting person musically…” Chronixx said during a recent interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. “After seeing how she approach her creativity, it was just like a breath of fresh air. Whenever people used to tell me my music is such a breath of fresh air, it’s the first time I got to experience it from a artiste that was a few years younger than me… before now it was just the artistes older than myself or the more experienced artiste that I get such a heavy inspiration from but it’s such a beautiful thing to see it come from a young artiste in my time.”

Enter Cool As the Breeze/Friday.

Chronixx’s newest release is a genre-bending track, fusing elements of African sounds thanks to British producer Pantha.

“It’s a cool song, is just like me exploring the full scope of what we’re doing…” he said. “As an artist, the best place to create from is the place where it’s all one music cause then you’re never limited to anything having to do with industry limitation and I’m really enjoying that. It’s a nice place to be in as an artiste.”

Chronixx’s ‘Cool As The Breeze’ release will be part of his upccoming Dela Splash album.(Photo: El Puru)

The track will form part of his upcoming album, Dela Splash, which he said is “going more into the festive side of music. Let’s make a music that everyone can understand and dance to.”

The album is slated for release later this year, and will add to his other releases showing this “festive side” (title track included), like his jam with The Free Nationals, Eternal Light.

He also revealed he has unreleased music with Afro-fusion star, WizKid.