Chronixx to release new single today

Reggae artiste Chronixx will drop some new music on today, June 11.

Reggae artiste Chronixx will team up with Kabaka Pyramid for his latest single, Same Prayer.

Earlier this week, Chronixx teased on Instagram (IG) that he would be releasing a new single featuring Kabaka Pyramid.

“Something new next week,” said Chronixx on Sunday.

Chronixx later shared in another post on the platform that the new single was called Same Prayer and encouraged fans to swipe on his post to see who would be featured.

Kabaka Pyramid is also promoting his single, Cane Field, with Wayne Marshall and Jesse Royal.

This is not the first time Chronixx is teaming up with Kabaka Pyramid who was featured on his 2014 EP Dread and Terrible.

Kabaka Pyramid is also at the same time promoting the single Cane Field which is a collaboration that features Wayne Marshall and Jesse Royal.

Cane Field in the usual roots-revival movement style focuses on the issue of black oppression, painting a vivid picture of a society on the verge of an uprising and willing to risk it all to survive.

Cane Fields comes on the heels of Kabaka’s latest single Reggae Music.