Classic Christmas songs that should be on your playlist

Whether you’re in the kitchen cooking up a storm, cleaning, decorating the Christmas tree, or in the yard playing some dominoes, you need music to set the perfect Christmas mood. And that’s why I’ve curated a list of classic Christmas songs, just for you. Merry Christmas!

Gee Whiz It’s Christmas Carla Thomas: This 1961 classic by the Queen of the Memphis soul, Carla Thomas, is the perfect way to officially ring in the Christmas holidays. It captures the spirit of the holidays; the catching up, the parties, the excitement. And is the ideal way to let the people around you know that you’re just as happy to be around them. 

Deck The Halls — Nat King Cole: Get everyone in the Christmas spirit with this classic by Nat King Cole. The fast-paced and very catchy song is bound to have everyone singing along. While hopefully helping out in the kitchen too.

What Do The Lonely Do The Emotions: If you’re spending Christmas alone, and want to indulge the feelings of loneliness that you’re probably experiencing in this festive season, then this song should definitely be on your playlist. This hit by the all-sister group will have you vowing never to spend another Christmas alone!

Some Day At Christmas — Stevie Wonder: This classic, released by Stevie Wonder in 1967 is reflective and sombre, but also spirited. It represents what those of us who love Christmas envision it to be.

All I Want For Christmas — Mariah Carey: Is it even Christmas without this one from the Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey? This song is from Carey’s first Christmas studio album Merry Christmas in 1994 and has reigned for 25 years. There’s absolutely no reason to change this now. Dance around in the house, or even outside, sing it off-key, or send it to your lover who won’t be home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas All — Salsoul Orchestra. ‘Christmas time is here, it’s a jolly good time of the year’. We stand with this line from this song by Salsoul Orchestra.

Every Year Every Christmas — Luther Vandross: Dear Luther, we love you, even more, every Christmas. This song will bring some soul to your celebrations.

8th Day Of Christmas — Destiny’s Child: So after the feast is over, start the party with this one from Destiny’s Child. The R&B hit, released in 1999 is bound to get everyone dancing. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Do You Hear What I Hear? — Whitney Houston: Do You Hear What I Hear? The power that is Whitney Houston’s voice? I don’t know about you, but I’m so happy that she also gave us a Christmas album. And this song is a sure way to get everyone singing, albeit, off key.

Silent Night — The Temptations: The ‘Classic Five’ also gave us a classic Christmas song. Although there are many versions of this song, I think there’s something special about this song The Temptations gave us. Maybe it’s their melodious voice, maybe it’s the perfect blend of harmonies, or maybe you’ll tell me after you’ve listen to it.