Cocoa Tea says he has found the ‘next Koffee’

Reggae singer Cocoa Tea shared his set 2017 Rebel Salute set with Koffee.

Veteran singer Cocoa Tea is often credited for bringing ‘Grammy kid’ Koffee to the forefront, and the singer says he already has the next big thing to introduce to the world.

“Right now I have the ‘next Koffee’ coming in the wings. She’s also a female, and she’ll be here soon.”

— Cocoa Tea

Though the novel coronavirus has threatened various entertainment events worldwide, organisers of Reggae Sumfest have not pulled the plug on the festival in July. If he is booked for the event, Cocoa Tea says he will use the opportunity to bring forth reggae singer Cappuccino.

“I don’t feel pressured to bring forth the next Koffee; right now I have the ‘next Koffee’ coming in the wings,” Cocoa Tea told BUZZ. “She’s also a female, and she’ll be here soon. Hopefully, if I’m on Sumfest I’ll bring her out on the stage, and people will see another great talent coming out of Jamaica.”

Just breaking the ice

The 60-year-old used his set at the 2017 Rebel Salute Festival in St Ann to share Koffee’s talent with the world. Three years later, the Toast artiste copped the Grammy award for the Best Reggae Album for her Rapture project. The win marked a feat for females in the Jamaican music industry, and Cocoa Tea is still beaming.

Koffee won a Grammy award earlier this year.

“It’s marvellous; I saw this great talent in this little girl from 2017, and I told people that she’s going to be the next sensation out of Jamaica,” he said. “From I saw the line-up I knew the Grammy was hers because she has a wider audience right now than most people, so it was expected. A lot of people said I was joking, but now I am vindicated cause you see what happened and the world see what happened, and she’s just breaking the ice. That means there is much better to come cause she has this great, uncanny type of talent so look out.”

Cocoa Tea added that the two still maintain a close relationship despite her now busy schedule.

“We reach out to each other all the time and talk and have fun,” he said. “When I brought her on stage it wasn’t like I was looking for recognition, I just brought her on stage because of the love. Whenever I see people with talent, I want to bring that talent to the world, and that’s why I am so elated for everything that is happening in her career.”