Comedian Trabass reveals relationship was fake

Online comedian Trabass (left) and Kay, the woman he pretended to be in a relationship with.

Not everything you see on the Internet is real, and online comedian Trabass has proved this to be true by revealing that his relationship with ‘girlfriend’ Kay was a sham.

The popular vlogger showed the receipts comprising videos and screenshots in his latest upload, as he explained why he chose to stage the relationship since October.

“Everybody love fi see wah gwaan inna people business.”

— Trabass

Under the spotlight

Prior to posting a photo with Kay late last year, Trabass told fans he was dating a woman he had nicknamed “S”. He shared he wanted to keep his new relationship under wraps, as his marriage with Deannee was always under the spotlight.

“Between October and January mi and Kay decide fi do a little social experiment. Basically di whole a unuh know mi last relationship did open like an open book, so this time mi seh mi did a go tek a different approach and mi know mi tell unuh seh mi never did a go post my girl, but mi did post Kay and seh a mi girlfriend,” he said in the video.

Trabass says his fake relationship helped him to gain followers.

Gain followers

He said that while his purpose was to highlight how people can fake their reality on the Internet, he did gain followers in the process.

“Big up Kay cause after mi announce seh me and Kay deh together mi views dem climb up. Mi nah go lie, everything else pick up after that,” he said. “Weh come outta dis was exposure for me, bigging up Kay’s business and people weh waan faas. Everybody love fi see wah gwaan inna people business.”

He added that he is still with “S”, and said he will continue to keep his relationship private.

“Mi just want unuh respect the views pon mi relationship wherever mi a go wid it. If mi decide mi nah put out the girl, I’m not putting out the girl,” Trabass said.