Concerns for baby Olympia as dad, Usain Bolt, awaits coronavirus test results

Sprint legend Usain Bolt says he’s still awaiting his coronavirus tests results following reports that he has contracted the virus. Reports are that Bolt took the test over the weekend in preparation for a trip overseas. 

But concerns over the eight-time Olympian’s health have taken a backseat to fears that his three-month-old daughter, Olympia, may have been exposed to the virus.

Concerns over Baby Bolt’s health are fuelled by outrage at Bolt who had a surprise birthday party on Friday (August 21), even though the country had recorded a spike in the number of coronavirus cases.

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Calling the birthday party an irresponsible act, one Twitter user said she expected better from the first-time father.

“Would a think with a 3 months old daughter u would be more responsible and be vigilant with everything u do and everyone that comes around u,” she wrote.

Another user described Bolt as selfish for having a birthday party in the midst of a pandemic.

“Should be charged for child endangerment too. Him and his party friends with kids. This is irresponsible behavior. People are unable to keep funerals to send off their loved ones a damn birthday could a stay.”

Others, however, offered prayers for Bolt and his family.

“I hope is immediate family remains safe and covid free…I am praying especially for his daughter.”