“Continue as you were”: Lila Ike respond to critics over ‘collab’ comment

Lila Ike

Fast-rising reggae artiste Lila Ike is not about to do a collab with just about anyone, and she made that clear in an interview with Anthony Miller on the Entertainment Report recently.

“Ton and tons a people a reach out fi collab, some a dem a really feel like yuh just nuh deh deh suh yet fi deh pan a song with Lila Ike to be honest.

I feel like most of the people reaching out to me right now would be like upcoming artistes that are seeking a way to get their self known, or get into the business and I am not really in support of that, if you want something yuh really and truly haffi work for it,” she said while discussing her debut EP, The EXperience.

It’s a comment that has not gone down well with many on social media, who are accusing the I Spy artiste of being a little too hype too soon.

But Lila Ike was quick to come to her own defence, releasing the rest of the interview, and pointing out that for her, it’s all about the work artiste’s work ethic.

“I clearly say ‘once it is that you’re great at what you do and have work ethic’ so continue as you were,” she wrote.

“If I was to do a collab right now, it would have to change my life,” she went to say.

Lila Ike was not alone in her defence either, many others did not find anything wrong with the comments made by the Forget Me artiste.