Controversial spiritual advisor RT Boss wants to enter politics

A week ago spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith wanted to be famous in dancehall through Spice’s help. Now, he wants to be a politician.

Spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith

Smith revealed that his recent online brawls about Spice were done to gain popularity, and now he wants a seat in the Jamaica Labour Party.

“All I wanted to do was get this popularity so I can merge from the spirituality…but go into politics,” he said in his latest Instagram Live. “Thank God mi come out and do mi thing. My next walk is to focus in my spirituality, call out the Labourite and the PNP, go on the local government side and help people.”

He added, “Thank you very much for the popularity so therefore the politician dem know me and they will understand where I am coming from. I am calling on now the Jamaica Labour Party, I prophesied your election right through. All I am saying, make a space for me now inna di local government election because right now I am ready to run for a local seat. Dancehall is not for me. All I did want dancehall for is the people to know bout me. Now dancehall nuh dweet, mi haffi tek it myself. So I am saying to the politicians dem call up unno elections and put me inna a seat.”

His music career spanned more than a year with releases including Badmind Friend and Dalla. He added that he is putting the Spice saga behind him (though he publicly started it), and will not address any other claim made about him and the deejay.

“I’m done, I’m finished… A years Spice a hide me and I get weh me want… RT Boss nuh haffi do dancehall music, all I want to do is help people… Unno nah fi worry bout me.”