Cool tech to enhance your ride

Dashcams can help in an accident. (Photo: Amazon)


Safety is essential on the roads. A dashcam provides video evidence of an occurrence that is essential in case of an accident, theft or a hit and run.

These cameras sit on the windshield and record footage of your surroundings. Footage from dashcams can help law enforcement or provide proof for insurance agencies.

Backup camera

Just like the dashcam, a backup camera records footage of your surroundings, but from the rear of the vehicle. Backup cameras help drivers while reversing by revealing areas hidden from rear-view mirrors by the body of the car.

Backup cameras may come paired with smart screens, showing live footage from the rear. The video provided by backup cameras is especially essential for those who have small children who may run or stay behind moving vehicles.  

Smart entertainment car system

Pioneer car stereo. (Photo: Wirecutter)

Turn your car into an entertainment hub with a smart, in-dash car stereo/receiver. Instead of walking around with stacks of CDs or old cassette tapes, opt for a smart in-dash car stereo. New car stereos support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

All you need is your smartphone, and a USB cable and your music, calls and texts appear on the dash. Our smartphones are always with us. Why not use them to power or in-car entertainment? Your car might be elderly, but it need not be left out of the tech loop. Upgrade your stereo and bring your vehicle into the 21st century.

Jump Starter

Figure 1NOCO Boost Plus 1000 Amp Jump Starter. (Photo: Amazon)

So, your car battery is dead, but you have your jumper cables. Great. However, those only work if there are other car owners nearby willing to let you leech power.

Having a personal jump starter can save you in a pinch. Juice up your battery, and in no time, you’ll be on your way. Jumpstarters are indeed empowering equipment. Make sure the jump starter you select works with your vehicle before purchase.

Phone mount and Wireless phone charger

iOttie – Windshield Mount for Phones. (Photo: Best Buy)

Notifications won’t stop coming in because you’re at the wheel. But it’s a bad idea to handle phones while driving. A car phone mount takes the hassle out of driving while remaining connected. Car mounts hold phones in place and go on your dashboard or windshield.

They hold phones of all sizes and free users to glance at relevant information at eye level, such as navigation. Best of all, many of these devices come with wireless charging built-in. So, while you wait for your next turn, your phone charges up.

Handheld Vacuum cleaner

A car vacuum is an essential cleaning tool. (Photo: Amazon)

Cars get messy sometimes, and if others ride with you, they’ll notice too. A handheld vacuum can be the difference between debris and clean seats and floors. By making a few strokes in your vehicle, you can remove light dust and dirt. For a more intense clean, stop by a car wash.