‘Corona mash up mi life’: Popcaan, Quada among dancehall acts longing for the stage

The coronavirus has devastated industries worldwide, perhaps none more so than entertainment.

Dancehall artiste Popcaan is missing the rush of the stage as live entertainment continued to be affected by the coronavirus.

As many sectors continue to recover from the virus impact, entertainment largely remains at a standstill in most countries. Live shows, touring, concerts, theatres and more continue to be paused as social distancing measures remain in place to stem the COVID-19 spread.

One artiste who is surely feeling the effect is Popcaan, who yesterday posted a picture of himself performing in front a large crowd with the caption, “jah know me miss stage show yo f**k”, adding several sad emojis for good measure. The Party Shot artiste continued, “ppl how much more longer unu think before we can do this again?”

Popcaan’s OVO label head, Drake, replied, “Next unruly fest will be a mawdddaz” to which Popcaan replied, “no joke bra”.

Dancehall act Quada added his sentiments with, “Corona mash up mi life. Anytime the place free up a trouble any stage show unruly touch”

“Just have to do this until the virus ‘calm down’. It ruff. But we are the solution to this problem.”

– Social media commenter

Reggae artiste Jesse Royal dropped three emojis that showed he was also disheartened by the downturn in entertainment.

Dancer Desha Ravers added, “A swear I miss it too”.

Numerous fans shared their sympathies with the artiste and his contemporaries who have seen much of their livelihood put on pause since mid-March.

However, in a moment of clarity, one commenter shared, “The longer wi tek fi hear fi wear yuh mask, social distance and wash u hand. Wi will be locked inside for a LOONG time. Just have to do this until the virus ‘calm down’. It ruff. But we are the solution to this problem.”

We couldn’t agree more!