Could Andrew Holness be sounding election bells soon?

It’s anyone’s guess but the rumour mill turns in high gear… (Photo: Facebook @AndrewHolnessJM)

As the saying goes, ‘better late than never’, and for victims of the #BadGas ordeal who had their vehicles damaged, long-awaited compensation is now within reach, according to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

But speculation is rife on the interweb that Holness, who made the disclosure on Wednesday (May 20), may be gearing up to hit the campaign trail after he used a 2015 video highlighting the scandal.

“Remember back in 2015 when Jamaica was affected by “bad gas”?  This government agitated for some sort of compensation to be provided to affected vehicle owners; today I am pleased to report that this administration has, in good faith, made compensation a reality,” was the caption that accompanied the video.

If tweets could talk…

Okay, BUZZ fam, I know it’s a stretch but hear me out…

Knowing how PM Holness takes his social media persona very seriously, it’s safe to surmise that the Hon. BroGad could be gearing up to unleash on his People’s National Party (PNP) opponents.

The selection of that video in particular, where he slammed the then- Government, wasn’t accidental and to think otherwise would be foolish.

Question to #LabouriteTwitter, is Andrew Holness still considered ‘The Builder’ or does he strictly go by BroGad now? This is for research, of course… (Photo: Facebook @JLPJamaica)

It’s heavy conjecture but even the language hints that something is coming, the question that remains however, is when?

Well, the laws afford him some extra time

Constitutionally, he has until next year (2021) to have the next general election, so this could be a primer – something to get the Labourites riled up and have the Comrades foaming at the mouth.

We should also take into consideration how Jamaicans have perceived his administration’s national response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

If you squint, turning your gaze away from Alorica (a joke btw, since that was a disaster) and the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship impasse (which only lasted for three days), the sentiment is that the incumbent Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) government is miles ahead of the People’s National Party (PNP).

It’s anyone guess what could come in the next few weeks/months but BUZZ fam, who realistically gives away good public perception in a pandemic, which could prove a major advantage, to hold an election the year after?

Giving up a lead, by whatever margin…make it make sense

It was widely speculated that an election would have been called last month, with the JLP seemingly galvanised and moving with purpose. At the same time, the PNP was still recovering from a bruising internal leadership challenge that left the part fractured and struggling to find its footing with potential voters.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus, which has affected every nation and industry across the globe, the Government’s response generally has been met with overwhelming favour by the masses. Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has commanded many a press conference and deftly fielded questions from some of the most erudite journalists. Considering how many other nations have faltered with their COVID-19 response, and how terribly this could have gone otherwise, it’s as close to a ‘good’ outcome as any could hope for.

When many expected them to fail, in the face of unprecedented odds, both Prime Minister Andrew Holness (far left) and Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton have risen to the ‘COVID’ challenge. The response hasn’t been immaculate but kudos will be given where due. (Photo: JIS)

I said what I said

Now listen, I’m not a Labourite or a Comrade so before you come for me, understand I can’t be bought or swayed. Personally, I’m not particularly pleased with many aspects of the Holness administration or the PNP’s direction as Opposition but I will admit they combine for interesting politics.

All I’m saying is Mr Holness never does anything as a sleight of hand, his actions are deliberate and while he hasn’t revealed his cards just yet, something in my gut tells me he’ll ‘fly the gate’ sooner than later.