Could Apple be loosening up? Yes…according to iOS 14 rumours

The next version of iOS is nowhere near being released. However, stories are beginning to surface that paint an exciting picture of upcoming features in iOS 14.

The folks over at 9to5 Mac and MacRumors have somehow got access to new iOS 14 code and shared a few details on expected features coming to iOS this fall.

iOS users may soon have Chrome as their default browser.

Use Third-Party Apps as default

One of the most exciting rumours is that Apple may FINALLY allow users to select whatever app they want as a default. Everyone who uses an iPhone currently knows that Apple’s first-party solutions run the show. Are you a Chrome user? Too bad, all your links open in Safari.

If Apple indeed allows a little more freedom in iOS, you could set Chrome or Gmail as your default apps. Glory!

Behold, the boring grid of icons.

Changes to the Home Screen

Apple is supposedly working on an amendment to iOS that could display apps in a list. Presumably, the feature would list all the apps on iPhones in alphabetical order.

Additionally, the function may also allow users to view apps by different categories. This sounds like a step in the right direction. For years, users have stared at Apple’s boring grid of icons that snap in line like obedient soldiers if you try to place them where you want them to go on the screen.

The list view would be a welcome change. Even if the new feature displays the apps vertically without extra features.

iMessage could use some new features. (Photo: Apple)

Updates to iMessage

iMessage is a staple in the iOS world. It has a unique feature set and comes pre-installed on many Apple devices. Though the service has come a long way, it still lacks some features that the competition has had for years. iOS 14 may be the year Apple adds more useful features.

The first in the set of iMessage update rumours is the ability to retract messages. 🙌🏾 WhatsApp has had this feature for a while now. Signal gives users the option to send one-time and timed messages. Both apps offer some safety net. No such luck on iMessage. That could change with the next big iOS update.

@ Mentions may also come to iMessage this fall. The feature will allow users to tag recipients directly with the @ sign. That feature is beneficial when addressing one person in a massive group chat. Apple’s implementation will supposedly allow users to mute group chats but still get notifications when their name is mentioned in the conversation.

There could be a fitness app coming in iOS 14. (Photo: Apple)

Downloadable Exercises

Apple may also create a fitness app for the iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Users will be able to download fitness videos on varying workouts straight to their devices. Downloaded exercises will be shown on an iPhone, Apple TV or iPad while Apple Watch tracks progress.

The information above is allegedly from an early testing build. As such, the features revealed at WWDC 2020 may be vastly different from the ones listed above. Hopefully, Apple will also pay attention to multitasking on iPhones.

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