Could the ‘Grammy curse’ be what really killed these high-profile celebs?

We need some answers, Recording Academy!

If there’s one thing that lives (and takes on new life) on the internet, it’s conspiracy theories.

In the wake of the shocking death of Kobe Bryant on Sunday, some social media users are standing firm in their assessment that the Grammys is cursed – and one way or another, it claims the lives of some high-profile celebrity.

Okay, Twitterati, we understand, the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant resonated across race, gender and nations but the claim is a stretch at best.

Arguably, the last time a celebrity death devastated so many people was following American actor Paul Walker.

Well BUZZ fam, I’ve done some digging and while the Grammys have had some dark moments, there are a few instances where the theory *conveniently* pans out.

Before Kobe Bryant and Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant’s tragic helicopter crash, queen of pop Whitney Houston died hours before music’s biggest night on February 11, 2012.

Dastardlier was the decision to go ahead with the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party as scheduled, which incited outrage among some celebrities.

It lacks a kick to be convincing, but the theory may have *some* teeth.

I take it you’re still here, so here are a few more, convenient dark stories from the Grammys…

On the same night of the Grammy Awards on February 8, 2009, R&B superstar Chris Brown beat Bajan pop princess Rihanna within inches of death.

The pair were coming from a pre-Grammy party when an argument exploded into Rihanna needing cosmetic surgery to reconstruct parts of her face.

British songstress Amy Winehouse turned up drunk to the 50th Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 10, 2008 – performing a slew of her hits and bagging five awards, the most that night.

Winehouse, who was in the throes of alcohol and drug addiction was hailed for a splendid comeback but died from an alcohol binge months later.

I dunno about you BUZZ fam, but curse or not, we have to figure out a way to break this hex, because I REFUSE to lose any more of my favourite celebs.

Do you believe there’s a curse circling around the Grammy Awards?