COVID-19 frustration leads Twani Price to pen Outside

With stricter COVID-19 restrictions being implemented by the Jamaican government almost two weeks ago, young talented lyricist Twani Price felt it necessary to voice the sentiments of the Jamaican people in his new single Outside, which was released on the Easter Weekend.

The track expresses the collective frustration of those Jamaicans who are unable to make ends meet due to lengthy curfew hours and ordered business closures — both of which were ramped up for the Easter season.

Twani, who penned Outside after the new measures were announced and the vaccine arrived in the island, said he saw how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting his Jamaican people, and felt it was his responsibility as an artist to give a voice to those who were not being heard.

“People are frustrated over the whole pandemic and don’t believe the government is looking out for the average Jamaican when enforcing these measures,” Twani shared. “As an artiste and influencer I believe I have a voice and a responsibility to express how everyone is feeling, me wah go outside!” 

The single Outside was produced by Raynstorm Beatz from Africa, and the video — directed by Bussweh Visuals — shows persons protesting the harsh measures and rejecting the vaccine.

Twani is unconcerned with the possibility that the government may not like his public disagreement with their policies.

“I’m doing my job — entertaining the people and talking about the issues that are affecting them. Plus, the people are showing crazy support to the song and that’s my main concern, not how the government feels,” Twani added.