‘COVID lick mi chip’: Wayne Marshall says pandemic has affected him financially

Dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall say he has not been immune to the effects of COVID-19. In fact, he said that it has had a negative impact on him financially.

Jamaican entertainer Wayne Marshall

“COVID lick mi chip… it kuff mi. You know we a artiste, so we depend on shows and going out there, outside broadcast, every likkle ting,” the Stupid Money artiste said during an interview on season two of Spice’s show, ‘Spice It Up’, that premiered on Magnum Hub TV on Wednesday.

“Dat just close down, cave een on us, so we had to regroup. So, it was good that we found something that we could do especially out of the comfort of home.”

That ‘something’ Marshall is referring to is the ‘Meet The Mitchells’ YouTube vlog that he does with his wife, Tami Chin Mitchell. This venture began in April, and so far, they have more than 117,000 subscribers. The ‘MTM Family’ is even bigger with lots of virtual aunts, uncles and cousins.

Digging deeper

And Marshall is definitely grateful that the venture is bearing fruit.

“I give thanks because if I didn’t find something to do, I would have to be searching, digging deeper, drop mi pride… [see] wah mi feel like mi can eat a food out of,” he said.

Spice (centre) on the set of ‘Spice It Up’ with her guests, Wayne Marshall (left) and Tami Chin.

The Glory To God artiste also urged other entertainers to become creative and find other things that they can earn from until the coronavirus pandemic has passed, and they can go back to the stage.

Tami Chin chimed in, encouraging entertainers to find other streams of income so that they can survive even if they are unable to perform.

It was on that note that Marshall commended the host Spice, who has various business ventures, including clothing line Graci Noir and hair and make-up brand Faces and Laces.

“A so you know say a hustler dis cause she never wait till no pandemic. She a do reality, she a do har hosting, clothing line. You have it right because you hit the ground running,” Marshall told Spice.