Covidiot or facts? Chronixx calls COVID-19 B.S.


When it comes to COVID-19, reggae singer Chronixx chalks it up as “b.s.”, while dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel is urging people to practise social distancing.

The coronavirus pandemic has been on the lips of celebrities over the past month, be it criticism of world leaders (Cardi B), music encouraging people to stay inside (Ding Dong), or online concerts geared towards supporting social distancing measures (Erykah Badu). Chronixx added his voice to the corona conversation in an Instagram post, letting the world know that he will not partake in “the circus”.

“Not buying the COVID-19 b.s. Nature is I protection and strong refuge. These tech-heads and warheads can’t talk to Rastaman about human health. Never! And they can’t destroy all of humanity. They can destroy some, but not all,” his post read in part.

He added that he won’t be hosting any online concert unless it’s to fight global vaccination. “Most (of) these famous people online using the internet like it’s a play thing. We are in the advent of the greatest crimes against humanity and people out here trying to keep themselves entertained. I’m not surprised and I’m not here for the circus. Health time now! Land time now. Earth time. I’m only going online for a concert if it’s an action against global vaccination. …

He has since deleted the post but not before it was reposted. And the entertainer came in for some criticism.

“You can easily prove the theory if you disbelieve. Go outside then and don’t follow social distancing,” commented one user.

“Rasta people always full a conspiracy theory. Mi nuh have the time or energy because nuff a dem a tek teachings from some old heads weh cyaan read,” another added.

Vybz Kartel’s Instagram account has been sharing some opinions too in a series of posts. His main message? Stay home. “#Italy, #Spain, #France, #Germany and #USA are first world countries with the best doctors, medicines and hospitals. As a matter of fact these countries have real #scientists!!! yet thousands of people are dying #daily in these countries!!!!… So imagine when it go inna di Jamaican ghettos?” he asked. “It no spread di right way yet but mark my words, Jamaica can’t manage COVID outbreak. We are not equipped. …stay a you yaad unless it absolutely necessary. We must discipline we self or we a go get f**k…”

In another post, Kartel reshared Diddy’s post on the coronavirus affecting the black race. “Wedda it’s manmade, weaponised or it’s just nature, the point is black people gon feel it di most once it comes round the black community…we get the worst food, worst healthcare, worst mental illness…discipline di ting de Jamaica,” his caption read.