Crisis averted: Revellers get platforms to resell carnival costumes

This carnival costume certainly turned heads at the Xaymaca band launch last year.

Many fumed about not being able to get a refund for their carnival costumes, but luckily Xaymaca International and other entrepreneurs have come to their rescue.

When carnival bands were being launched last year, no one imagined that a virus would appear and literally put the world on pause. Alas, Carnival in Jamaica that was scheduled to be held in April has been postponed until October as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“You guys didn’t take the lazy approach.”

— social media user

That’s not the news that many revellers wanted to hear, and many were even more upset when they found out they couldn’t get their money back based on the no refund policy the carnival bands have in place.

Quick-thinking entrepreneurs

All is not lost, however, as Xaymaca International on Tuesday announced that they would help to sell costumes for persons who would not be able to attend carnival in October.

#Xaymacans, introducing your costume resale platform. A safe, user friendly hub to sell/ purchase costumes. The instructions are simple: 1. Go to 2. Click *costume resales* from the main menu. 3. Follow the instructions,” Xaymaca said on its social media pages, adding that there are no additional fees.

Patrons were in a fairytale during the Xodus band launch late last year.

Revellers were happy.

“Yes!!!! Good! Y’all listened and that’s rare! Proud supporter,” one social media user said.

“You guys didn’t take the lazy approach and resort to outside/third party resale platforms, GREAT PROFESSIONALISM,” another added.

While fellow carnival bands Xodus and Bacchanal Jamaica are yet to announce similar ventures, quick-thinking entrepreneurs have stepped in, some even doing so before Xaymaca made their announcement. Reveler Resale, Jamaica Costume Reseller, Costume Re-Sell, Soca Babes Ja and It’s Sourced are just some of the Instagram pages offering to help revellers sell their costumes – for a fee of course.