Critics lash Cardi B’s dancehall themed party as inauthentic pointing to absence of DHQ Carlene

How are you going to have a dancehall themed party without the original dancehall queen, Carlene Smith?

That’s the question posed by one Instagram user, who seemed to dismiss the authenticity of American rapper Cardi B’s recently held dancehall-themed birthday party.

According to the user, who shared a photo of Smith from the early 90s, “it’s not a DHQ party” if the queen isn’t invited.

The post has been sparking heated discussions online and has even made its way into the IG story of the original DHQ, who reposted it on Wednesday(October 10).

Smith also shared a second post from the user , which contained another throw back photo of her with the caption, “This is dancehall”.

Dancer Renee Six Thirty further fanned the flames when she reposted photos from Cardi B’s party, followed by several throw back photos of the former DHQ.

Cultural Appropriation?

Some in reacting to the online discussions noted that the rapper probably wasn’t aware of the trivial infraction, others seemed to suggest it was a clear sign of cultural appropriation.

” I don’t see the big deal, Cardi B couldn’t invite everybody,” said one IG user.

“Typical Cultural appropriation,” added another.

While others seemed to suggest that though Smith was a dancehall veteran, she did not accurately reflect the culture at this time.

Cultural appropriation is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity.

Smith is credited as Jamaica’s first Dancehall Queen, crowned in 1992 .

There had been other Dancehall Queens before Smith but she started the national spotlight on the pageant that was typically restricted to Jamaican garrisons.