Crystal, not Krystal: Was DHQ Carlene being shady?

Premier Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith is known to carry herself with grace, just check out her recent response to pudding “player-haters”.

Dancehall Queen Carlene

But as classy as she comes, the ‘Butterfly’ dance creator isn’t above making shady comments.

Smith appeared on the latest broadcast of Onstage to talk about her pudding venture and was inevitably asked about Beenie Man’s health. In a video which surfaced on social media on October 25, ‘The Doctor’ is seen being carried by several men after fainting at his mother’s funeral.

Smith’s initial response was to turn away from the camera and mutter under her breath that she wasn’t the ideal person to ask.

She then spoke clearer.

“You probably have to ask Crystal Davis, they just had their mother’s funeral and he’s fine. Let me be real cause he took her home from the funeral so he is fine.”

Crystal Davis is the lovechild of the two dancehall stars, who were their own kind of #CoupleGoals in the 90s into the new millennium.

Smith denied rumours that the deejay was hospitalised, which somehow led to a backyard of palm trees.

“He fainted but he didn’t go to the hospital, cause he took home Crystal after the funeral – Crystal Davis after the funeral,” she corrected.


Host Winford Williams, seemingly thinking of Beenie’s spouse, Krystal Tomlinson, asked, “Why you call her Krystal Davis?”

Smith clarified.

“Cause there’s another Krystal in his life so I have to be clear which one,” she said. “Crystal Davis is different cause there’s two Crystals, well I don’t know if there’s more but my daughter is Davis.”

While one could understand the clarification of which Crystal he took home, viewers detected some shade in her explanation.

“Carlene Smith, mi like yuh but da little shade deh neva call fa – > (i dont know if there are more Krystals’) anyway, all the best with your puddings mama,” commented one user.

“Her petty shade to Krystal was uncalled for. Smh. Seems like Carlene still holding on to some feelings,” one person said.

Another added: “Carlene’s shade about Krystal was irrelevant. I’m sure it’s Beenie Man & Krystal Tomlinson took home Krystal Davis after the funeral.”