Curry ‘beef’? Jamaicans, rest of the Caribbean duke it out on Twitter

All this, over CURRY! (Photo:

Another week, another debate and Jamaica, her people and her neighbours across the Caribbean have once again taken to social media to debate the island’s influence.

The source of this particular contention was sparked from a feature by US media conglomerate CNN, which sought to ‘demystify’ curry and why its country-specific variations were so popular across the world – and the Twitterati went IN.

It’s no secret that Jamaicans were probably first in line when patriotism became a thing, however, the CNN article, which separated Jamaica from the rest of the Caribbean, only stoked that flame brighter.

BUZZ fam, how did one tweet turn Twitter into a virtual battleground? One word: JAMAICA.

The “Jamaica vs Caribbean” narrative has been a longstanding topic as the other islands complain about being slighted or blatantly ignored with respect to food, culture, entertainment and just about everything else that would make them as interesting as the ‘Land of Wood and Water’.

On one end of the conversation, there are people across the Caribbean who feel that by comparison, Jamaica gets the lion’s share of media attention, praise and admiration when put against the grain of her sister islands.

For the Jamaicans, the story only solidifies the island’s place as the ‘best in the Caribbean’ – with heavy bias and without apology.

One thing is for sure, Jamaica, in many instances does (and does not) represent/embody the entire region. Its global influence is massive but by no means an excuse to broad-brush or sideline the rest of the Caribbean as sidekicks.

We’re pretty sure this debate will continue for many more topics (and years) to come, but here are some of the funniest tweets in spawned by CNN’s curry odyssey:

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